Ummm… Which part?
08/02/2010, 9:59 am
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Which part is he supposed to judge? Your tattooists drawing skills? Or...?

Thanks for the heads-up Matt!

And to whom I owe the honour of meeting, "your artist."

More truly terrible life stories and spelling errors HERE

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This is simply amazing…. THANK U SO MUCH FOR PUTTING UP THIS SCRATCHER’S MYSPACE. People begging for his terrible artwork…. damn that’s rough… made my day though haha too bad it’s forever

Comment by ozzy

You’re welcome! I just can’t believe people are walking around with shit done by him…it’s depressing.

Comment by Matt

IT REALLY is depressing! I’m going to assume this guy is from the depths of some fuckhole town in Texas tattooing his equally as horrible peers?

Comment by loltatz

he’s from somewhere in the dirty south i reckon. i gotta say I’ve seen some that are almost as bad in the gold coast, in actual shops. it’s amazing how even the most professional shop appearance deceives people into thinking the artists are decent. you gotta just a little bad for people out there getting such shitty work done.

Comment by Matt

i love that he gave his “girl” upside down chicken wings..

Comment by joelle

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