Introducing: MANNY O’ WAR
04/11/2009, 12:20 pm
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Pretttttttty happy with yourself aren't you lil buddy?


<3's Vagina & Swaztikas - What a life right?


Oh god... Dude... Really?


It was pretty much the perfect logo til the nazis stole it.


"Yes that is a Vagina and yes it is also a third eye" - Ahhhhhh sweeet blissful enlightenment!

The man himself: MANNY O’ WAR via Bizarre Magazine UK

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OMG. Why didn’t he just go butt nekkid? It would have been slightly easier to look at. o.O

Comment by Jessica Kennedy

I am NOT defending him, but he is obviously going for the Indian version, not the Nazi one. It is very very horrible.

Comment by Lisa

I wonder if his so-called “swastikas” have brought him all the good things the original image is supposed to…?

Comment by Miglet

What’s with the Micheal Bolton 80’s hairstyle? Even Micheal has cut his hair since then. Not sure what is worse a bad tattoo or still sporting a mullet in 2009

Comment by Jamez

The tattoo’s, cause when it comes down to it, he can always cut that shit, but all those swastikas will never fade away.

If he is supposed to sport the Indian version swastika, then what’s the explanation for the vagina on his forehead?

Comment by Alej

I think mabye his is trying to rock some ‘third eye’ type of enlightenment. I don’t know, it’s really hard to figure out what crazy people’s intentions are!

Comment by Lisa

Cross of happiness,not a swastika. Also not indian but its all good

Comment by 666

Actually, I met this guy once at a tattoo convention awhile back, and he’s kind of the nicest dude you’ll ever get the chance to talk to. I’m of visibly mixed ethnicities, and i asked him what the deal was with all the swastikas, and he said that it had nothing to do with anti-sentiments of any kind, except to expose to people how stupid it is that one symbol can still inspire so much rage and fear and hatred in people, when it doesn’t even really mean anything. So, whatever. Say what you want about the guy, but he just seemed like a normal, reasonable human being to me.

Comment by Wigglepuff

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