Wicked, how?
25/10/2009, 5:31 am
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I'm guessing this a state which has a coast and a lot of lighthouses? Please explain to me how this is 'Wicked'?

I'm guessing this a state which has a coast and a lot of lighthouses? Please explain to me how this is 'Wicked'?

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I am from maine and yes there are a lot of light houses and wicked is a very used word here like “that’s wicked good” “wicked awesome” everything has the word wicked in front of it. So the tattoo does make sense. lol

Comment by mandahmarie

Haha.. excellent. Thank you for the clarification.

Comment by loltatz

I also think it’s funny because I am not from New England, but I lived there for a bit, and I found the “wicked” thing to be a bit funny and even annoying sometimes. loltatz, you can prob find some YouTube videos about it.

Comment by Caryn

But saying “wicked cool” or “wicked awesome” isn’t really an exclusive thing
I mean I say it all the time and i’m in Australia.
Doesn’t really add up to me?

Comment by H

It’s pretty exclusive to New England here in America, so it does fit with the light house. Maybe dingos eat babies in New England too.

Comment by johnny

lol lol lol lol!
dingos eating babies in new england! lol lol lol

Comment by owner

that’s a wicked sweet tattoo dude!
anyone from maine or anyone who has come in contact with a mainer will appreciate this.
i’m from maine and catch so much shit from people from mass for dropping “wicked” every other sentence.

Comment by mainah

Ha! I lived in Mass about 10 years ago and at least back then “wicked” was used a lot! Never spent much time in Maine but I can imagine…

Comment by eden

Yeah this tattoo makes perfect sense to me. I thought everyone was aware of New England’s use of the word “wicked” but I guess not.

Comment by redsox_babe84

I always thought the rest of the nation knew of Maine’s overuse of the word “wicked” (not to mention the fact that we use it differently than to describe something as evil) then I moved to the west coast.

The tattoo makes sense and the owner obviously has a lot of Maine pride. Though I have to say it’s wicked cheesy.

Oh yeah, dingos DO eat babies in New England. But the mosquitoes eat the dingos.

Comment by ExMainiac

dingoes been eatin babies down here in texas here too yall

Comment by dusty

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