24/10/2009, 7:29 am
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Harpoon that bitch!!

Harpoon that bitch!!

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Whale tail? Looks like she had a fucking polka dot thong tattooed on her backside.
I guess in case she ever forgets to wear one?

Comment by YouKnowWho

Whale tail?
Spoken like a homo who doesn’t get any. She’s not fat.

I hope that isn’t real because it looks like a 2nd grader drew it.

Comment by Cibernetico 2

Ummm. Excuse me? Just who are you addressing?

Comment by loltatz

Haha- I love it. You’re making assumptions that are totally ridiculous based on nowt, pointing out your own ignorance. It’s not even ironic, it’s just stupid!
Seriously, a ‘whale tail’ is a term for when a g string pokes out of someone’s jeans. Everyone knows that man. Fucking hell it’s 2009!

Comment by Mel

cibernetico, educate yourself on what “whale tail” means before you go insulting people all because of your stupidity.

anyways as far as this tattoo is…yeh…girl has no ass that’s just awkward to look at…

Comment by meska

^^ I thought it was a whale tail because of the shape of the thong coming over the waistband. I’m more concerned that she has no buttcrack, or even the beginnings of a buttcrack. And the ass skin looks really wierd too.

Comment by johnny

Does she NOT have an asscrack? Or is that tattoo like halfway up her back. Not impressed.

Comment by michelle

You’re all missing that this is a HUGE improvement; to better society, this “chicky” has voluntarily spackled up her ass crack and painted something new on it…. To her, I say THANK YOU!

Comment by Jake

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