Danzig x Lego
20/10/2009, 12:09 pm
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Glenn Danzig and LEGO - Big metal fan!

Glenn Danzig and LEGO - Big metal fan?


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Elvis? Ever hear of the Misfits, retard?

Comment by Fartz

I agree that is Glenn Fucking Danzig. Win!

Comment by michelle

i was just about to throw that out there. definitely misfits.

Comment by chichi

Yep, You know I was going to go with that, I just wasn’t totally for sure. Tired, late night, long day, CBF, etc etc etc

Comment by loltatz

Yeah, nah I don’t really think you got grounds to call ‘Retard’. Had it been something more popular culture and way more known about, maybe, but yeah. Maybe stockpile your retard calls for other sites duke.

Comment by loltatz

yeah you kinda dropped the ball on that one

Comment by phil

Could be Doyle too!

Comment by Kate

misfits! that looks nothing like Elvis, have you even seen Elvis??? that’s the dan zig comb-over!

Comment by drew

danzig devil lock*

Comment by chichi

as pointed before, this is lego misfits

Comment by deABREU

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