Who killed Gumby?
Rest In Plasticine

Rest In Plasticine

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Comment by WOW

death of a friend with that nickname?

Comment by dc

That’s what I’m thinking.

Comment by michelle

no its his nickname the dates r when he got hit and run by a car and bounced of it thats y his gumby

Comment by nicole

So glad he has a kid. Wouldn’t want to waste that DNA.

Comment by Lisa

hey thats my fiance whered u get that photo and my son harley lol at bondi beach the dates r from when he got hit by a car And got the nickname gumby cos he bounced off it and the gumby pic is our desighn with the palmers chick in the middle and the brats dolls on each side lol

Comment by nicole

Yo – I took that photo a few years ago.
The photo was stolen from my facebook page or from Google…. COPYRIGHT PERHAPS?

Comment by ickna


Comment by loltatz

So remove it dip shit

Comment by don't steal I.P

It got submitted. How much do you ACTUALLY care? I’m sure there is more important things you could be caring about.

Comment by loltatz

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