30/09/2009, 1:02 pm
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This is just too much!!!

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Regret. So much regret in the future.

Comment by Alej

Forget about wearing a swimsuit in public. Forget about low-cut shirts. Forget about ever having the possibility to be classy. EVER.

Comment by Gally

meaty roast beef self portrait?

Comment by Liquid Rob

that is sick. why would you do that. maybe shes mentally insane. a guy wouldnt even be turned on by that! what was she thinking!

Comment by sarah

well, if you look at the fact that she clearly has some tribal chest piece work going on, maybe the gaping vagina/”cunt” idea isn’t so unbelievable.

Comment by caitlin


Comment by loltatz

wtf that doesn’t even look remotely like a vagina. looks like someone peeled back some skin to reveal a lump of intestines.

Comment by meh

I was just about to post the same thing. WTF is all that…um…stuff coming out? Shudder. That looks like an emergency room visit.

Comment by Lisa

at least tat a decent looking vag on yourself, if you’re gonna

Comment by MB

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