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28/09/2009, 11:47 am
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(Johnny) Cash. Rules. Everything. Around. Me.

(Johnny) Cash. Rules. Everything. Around. Me.

If you are this artist, or know this artist, I believe the image came from someones Myspace. I need to know if this on skin, if so this is amazing.

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Thats a pretty straight vertical line on the left side of the image making me think that this is a piece of paper or a board. And I don’t think that there’s anything even flesh colored in the picture. It’s really cool tho

Comment by johnny

Dude, are you serious?

Comment by loltatz

Bottom left-hand corner.
Don’t think it’s flesh.
Awesome, just not flesh.

Comment by chichizilla

I’ve never seen this before, so I cant promise its not on skin, but I totally agree with ‘johnny’ in that this is on board, probably wood panel based on the background tones.

Comment by Sir Crankybottoms

Come on seriously guys. I posted it as a potentially GOOD ink. It’s something someone has drawn for the purpose of one day going on skin, I thought I said that in the post? Did I not?

Comment by loltatz

Loltatz, why so huffy? You said I need to know if this is on skin, and i gave an opinion of what it was done on. Oh, ok, now I see what you meant in your ambiguous description. You meant to ask has anyone turned this painting into a tatoo yet. well I don’t know, stop making me feel stuppid.

Comment by johnny

No huffiness! Just thought it was an obvious observation? Anyhoo, it’s all good.

Comment by loltatz

hahahahahaha why so sensitive? Personally, I would have called you a f’n moron, so I think LT was bein nice about it. moron.

Comment by mixed feelings

Is this on flesh?????
I mean, i’m not 100% sure but i think that maybe this is not actually a picture of actual ink on skin!!!!

I believe this might be a drawing of a potential tattoo but i am not 100% sure!!!!!!!!

Comment by Gontran

Ha! Your sarcasm ALMOST didn’t register.

Comment by loltatz

this was done by Slick Willy at Ruthless Tattoo. his shit is so dope.

. 100% awesome.

Comment by xhaydox

Even though there is a Wu Tang symbol on this, the tattoo on the neck Johnny says “June” as in June Carter.

Comment by michelle

Are you trying to win a Master of the Obvious award? ‘Cause ya just did. (Sorry, woke up bitchy today!)

Comment by Lisa

I think it’s actually done by a guy named Geezpot, and no it’s not on skin.

Comment by kjf

Its done on a canvas. Obviously. And Im not 100% sure on the artist, but it resembles Derek Nobles artwork –

Its definitely not as good as Derek Noble though. Possibly a fan?

Comment by Kasey Kasket

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