eThuggin FAIL
28/09/2009, 12:49 pm
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Steady Failin.

You FAIL at tough.

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100% g.

Comment by tough juice

you WIN at having a monobrow.

Comment by roughnut

… is that the same thing as a uni brow? cuz he totally has one lol

Comment by mixed feelings

yep, it’s the australian word for it. same shit different smell, basically.

That monobrow make you feel tough, bro???

Comment by yeepppp

A real “gangsta” wouldn’t have to slap on the label. His character would be enough.

Comment by Gally

real gangsta-ass niggas don’t flex nuts Cuz real gangsta-ass niggas know they got em

Comment by Liquid Rob

he dont look too tough to whoop,, them kids nowadays,, he probably grew up in a suburb in vermont

Comment by Dustin

Toughest dude in Vermont?

Comment by loltatz

Gangsta ass niggas are fucking gay, like this kid,

Comment by Todd Jihad

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