DIY shit ink removalist
27/09/2009, 1:39 pm
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Make some bad decisions, expect some painful outcomes. Use a power sander. Don’t be a pussy.

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I want to see it after it’s healed.

Comment by Mr. Bob Dobalina

Er, yikes.

Amusingly enough (to me, at least), the feed I usually check after this one is ‘That Will Buff Out.’ Okay, part of me is amused, the rest of me is still a bit quibbly, heh.

Comment by Cat

It upsets me that people like this are allowed to vote, drive a car, and breathe my air.

Comment by Bob

he looks pretty chilled out though…

Comment by Jana

I wish this video was better quality.

Comment by michelle

I think his pants are a bad decision!

Hmmm, I got a Dremel and a high tolerance for squick. I bet I could make a fortune doing this!

Comment by Jinx

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