18/09/2009, 12:58 pm
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Don’t know who Josef Fritzl is?

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Comment by michelle

i fucking love this i love the whipshading the fact that it says true love and he’s holding the baby hahahahahahahahahaha

Comment by norman bobafett

I thought he was holding a giant ballsack. :-/

Comment by well damn

Ive never heard about this guy but this is the saddest story ive ever heard. what would posses anyone to put him on their body?!

Comment by Dustin

Joseph Fritz was a guy who built a dungeon in his basement where he held his daughter captive for twenty something years (while impregnating her 7 times and pretending that they were his second family) That guy was FUUUUUUking warped!

Comment by MizMarvin

Exactly. Fucked up.

Comment by loltatz

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