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17/09/2009, 1:47 pm
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There ain't no love making with this girl.

There ain't no love making with this girl.

This is not her, or is it?

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Is that a C-section scar?? Classy.

Comment by Bob

I thought that too at first, but they dont go out past the hip bones.

Comment by michelle

Why did she make that video? Was that to be sexy? FAIL

Comment by Liquid Rob

YouTube needs to require IQ tests before people can upload videos. I feel that I’ve lost a few points off of mine just because I watched this!

By the way, she seems really…um….wholesome…? Just the type you want to bring home to mom……

Comment by Mr. Bob Dobalina

The tattoo is from the ‘pass around girl’ – she was married to a girl porn star for a while, but cheated on her so much at her job at Denver RTD that she lost that. That’s how she got the name the ‘pass around girl’ she has at least a dozen tattoos about how much of whore she is including a scarlet A.

Comment by Jeff

What part of the body is that tattoo on??

Comment by Ummmm

Side of the hip. And its either an appendix scar or a bone graft from the hip, I know this because I have both.

Comment by loltatz

It’s you. It is isn’t it?

Comment by ravishing dave

So you should also know that the appendix is on the other side of the body….

Comment by Bob

This is true.

Comment by loltatz

Yup, that’s the “Pass around girl” indeed.

I was tempted to post links to her with the “Gai Boy” post earlier…
She’s a sex addict and cancer survivor. You can read and iteresting interview with here here:

More pictures (obvious NSFW) here:

Comment by Lear

wow…. she could fit a whole stack of quarters in that gap in her teeth.

Comment by cockmommie

Looks like a tummy tuck scar

Comment by JennyD

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