16/09/2009, 12:50 pm
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Pretty sure this guy coined the term "WHAT THE FUCK!?"

Pretty sure this guy coined the term "WHAT THE FUCK!?"

Grossest penis in the world?

Grossest penis in the world?

Image credit: Aurel Manea

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Hey, that’s the Barcelona-guy! He is super famous in all of BCN for always walking around naked (which is legal over there). Didn’t know he had such a big member though…

Comment by somename

Will someone please tell me where this picture was taken so I know to avoid that place at all costs.

Comment by Bob

Yeah I totally second that. Wow! Do you see the guy in the background taking a picture? LOL.

Comment by Wendooku

at least he was wearing a hat. and a watch.

Comment by scoot81

I just puked a little… btw wtf is goin on with the end of his dong?

Comment by mixed feelings

He’s not circumsized, and the head is poking out a bit.

Comment by michelle

is he getting a chub?

and i must admit, i thought those were a pair of short shorts.

Comment by gizmoduck

OMG! Me too.

Comment by Wendooku


Comment by Hotel Erotica


Comment by Sean

Are his wallet and keys in the bag? I have to say that I think wearing pants with pockets would be more convenient than carrying that normal stuff around in a plastic sack.

Comment by mimi

lul. You said “sack”.

Comment by michelle

I’d hit that!
Too bad I missed him when I last visited Barcelona 😦

Comment by n.

Wrong! So very wrong. IT’S A TRUNK! you missed him because you didn’t have peanuts as bait.

Comment by loltatz

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