LOLTATZ has peaked
14/09/2009, 2:11 pm
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Game over folks, it’s just not going to get any better/worse than this right here.

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Fuckin’ A!!! Take it easy there, perv boy!!!

Comment by ???

so being incarcerated might be a bitter-sweet kind of thing for him

Comment by Liquid Rob

its like they just picked the most random fonts on word.

Comment by tough juice

So many things to wonder at once. Is “Gay Boy” someone in particular, or is that a passive demand for THE gay boy that happens to be fucking him at that moment. “Piss over me”, to me anyways, implies that he wants literally that, to have someone piss an arc over him. “Whip my arse”?? Really, do people really say the word arse?? But okay, I know what that’s all about. And finally “Scat Boi”. Um, so, is he the “scat Boi”, or is he looking for a scat boi, or, going back to my first concern, is Scat Boi someone special to this guy??

Comment by Bob

i’m gonna gop out on a very gay limb here and say the use of “boi” and “arse”- he’s probably from Australia. And i’m gonna guess that the first and 4th line of text are nicknames for him. And the middle 2 are directions on how to use him properly. A little over the top if you ask me. What if he’s in the mood for a cuddle? Shit outta luck (no pun intended).

Comment by michelle

Someone who gets “Gay Boy…FUCK ME” probably isn’t interested in cuddles at all, but I like your style.

Comment by Bob

the use of “arse” is common everywhere in the UK. Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and sure Australia. Boi is used everywhere.

I believe cuddling would include scat for this guy.

Comment by Witera33it

Time to jump the shark.

Comment by mrm

Generally, when I look at tattoos, I can’t help but think how they’re gonna look in thirty years or so, when the human canvas has gained fifty pounds or so. This one… is gonna be particularly unfortunate.

Comment by TeratoMarty

well i was going to give the benefit that he MIGHT have just been one of those poor guys loosing terrible bets all the time and so the results show….
then i saw his poster on the wall…
totally gay, has bad taste in tattoos and sexual fantasies.
lol indeed

Comment by meska

It’s really sad that someone would think that little of themself…….

Comment by SomeBaldGuy

he should date that Pass Around girl with all the ‘fuck my whore ass’ tattoos.
thats true dedication to a piss’n’shit fetish though.

Comment by Belle

Like the way the arrow isn’t really pointing straight down “there”.

Comment by Jane

Now all he needs is a few tattoos to cover those zits all over his ass.

Comment by Gally

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