Need a towelette?
09/09/2009, 12:45 pm
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Need a towelette?

I wonder if he scratches his leg a lot? Ps WHY?


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That is just unpleasant.

Comment by Bob

Sick sonofabitch!!

Comment by ???

omg.. it’s so.. angry.. and, big… and ew.

Comment by mixed feelings

frothing at the mouth(s)

Comment by vjj

beautiful work, but gross

Comment by tough juice

Uhh…why is there portions of her lips that have holes in it? AND it’s bubling? That’s a radioactive pussy!

Comment by Werd

why the fuck does it curve at the bottom? lol

Comment by meska

Once you have a vagina on your arm, anything is possible, hence the curve. I mean, that’s what I would say if it were my arm vagina.

Comment by Bob

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