Whoa man, Too far?
07/09/2009, 7:25 am
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Insensitivity WIN?

Insensitivity WIN?

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mega win. wow, the more offensive the better!

Comment by also bob

Making light of other peoples misery and the hoplesness they felt before jumping to their deaths? Wow what an asshole!

Comment by ???

those stick people are way to big compared to the towers. 911 fail.

Comment by dickdotson

so wrong.. why am I laughing?! …totally going to hell.

Comment by mixed feelings

this is the fucking worst. it’s not even funny. just sick. lets applaud our ability to dehumanise for a second.

Comment by chris

at first i was like “LOL”

but then i was like “im so going to hell…”

but then i LOL’d again!

Comment by raddy

a gay terrorist? kind of conflicting with the religious extreemism no? Now I need to worry about sticks of TNT inserted in some loose assholed terrorist….. great.

Comment by Liquid Rob

I’d pay good money to see this retard walk around new york in a pair of shorts one day!

Comment by couchninja

Maybe those offended should teke another look at it. I think it is profound. I love it. I would have gotten it, had I thought of it. If you need it explianed further I’m empire 3 nights a week rva. Bring the fun!

Comment by Mikey

This is the worst tattoo I have ever seen in my life. 343 of my brothers died trying to protect the lives of all of those people that lost their lives that day. This guy should walk into any firehouse in the nation, and see if he comes out alive.

Comment by FL_Firefighter

Way too soon.

Comment by Bob

maybe he got it before the attacks… he’s like a modern nostrodamus or something…

Comment by dc

Not only offensive, but completely pointless. What exactly are you expressing here?

Comment by Cibernetico 2

its less offensive than the filmclip of the referenced song


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