Here kitty, kitty, kitty!
I bet the reward is in Monopoly money.

I bet the reward is in Monopoly money.

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Man I could probably do better than that and I’ve never tattooed anyone or anything. Heck my kids could probably do a better job. You sure it’s not done with Sharpie?

Comment by Wendooku

It looks like permanent marker, honestly.

Comment by lalaem

It’s after Catface cartoon right?

Comment by Kelsie

You can see it’s permanent marker as the ‘He’ and ‘and’ have faint duplications where they tried more than once. Plus the whole smudge around the ‘tattoo’ at the top is where they tried before and rubbed it out. It’s a cool tattoo though, he ought to have it done for real!

Comment by Yeahright

thats the stencil you moron. i can tell you have been tattooed in multiples of never.
its real. parts of it are red and raised and there are ink smears on the sides from the artist wiping it down. plus who would go to the effort of shaving half your torso for a texta joke tattoo?

Comment by Belle

You can bitch about tattoo stencils all you want, and it will still look like permanent marker.

Comment by Cate

dude needs to tame his bush… srsly

Comment by mixed feelings

great stuff

Comment by uhh

Also missing: self-esteem

Comment by Cibernetico 2

hahaha. how did this end up here?
this is my friend ej’s tattoo.
its not sharpie its real, its the transfer paper ink that stains.
this was taken right after it was done.
it was directly traced from a flyer, its supposed to have that quality.

Comment by .

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