Mars Attacks
03/09/2009, 12:33 pm
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Attack of the Killer tattoos.

Attack of the Killer tattoos.

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I don’t understand why you want a permanent reminder of this shitty movie on your body. This is mind blowing. BUT, the art work is really good. My respect of the art, and my hatred of the shitty, shitty movie have me totally confused.

Comment by Bob

That movie is amazing. Grow a sense of humour.

Comment by beep.

It’s an overly star studded failure that bases the entire plot of the movie on the very simple joke that we think they are saying one thing, and they are acting the opposite. They take that lump of trash “joke” and hammer it razor thin for over an hour and a half. The idea that I don’t have a sense of humor because this whole movie is a trainwreck (not just the “funny” parts) is a gross over estimation. So maybe you should learn to just shut your fucking mouth.

Comment by Bob

I thought that was a great movie. Looks like Bob also has some anger issues. No? 😉

Comment by Rick

damn, bob, troll much? you sir, are a waste of time, space, and bandwidth.

Comment by also bob

No, I’m not really a troll, I don’t think so, I just don’t like it when some 10 year old tells me something about myself when they don’t even know me. And yes, even though you didn’t ask this, I do have anger issues. but that is a different matter all together.

Comment by Bob


Who did this? It is fantastic.

Comment by Jayne

Anyways…for those who actually enjoyed it…Ack ack ack ack!

Comment by Rick

If you can look at the tattoo and disassociate it from the movie it is still very good. The movie didn’t invent that martian with the brain head.

Comment by johnny

Oh, I agree, that’s why I even said in my original post that I’m so torn about whether I like the tattoo more than I hate the movie.

Comment by Bob

people take life too seriously, god!
do people watch bill and teds bogus journey because keanu reeves gives a riveting performance?
people dont watch mars attacks because of the special effects or whatever your crying about.
if you dont like a movie. dont be a vagina and cry to everyone why you suck and why the movie sucks even more than you.

Comment by Kyle


Comment by Kyle

I loved Mars Attacks myself. But dude, couldn’t you have just bought a t-shirt?

Comment by Cibernetico 2

curt baer, championship tattoo, redding, ca

Comment by shawn

good movie, good tatto, and bob chill just chill

Comment by tinman

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