Yoo did that!
24/08/2009, 2:04 pm
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We don't have Yoo-Hoo, what is Yoo-hoo? Is it good?

We don't have Yoo-Hoo, what is Yoo-hoo? Is it good? Good enough to ink it on your arm?

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Well, if you don’t know about Yoo-Hoo in Australia, let me fill you in on the tragedy. If you notice on the tattoo, it says “chocolate drink”, that’s because it’s suppossed to be a substitute for chocolate milk. It’s really an accquired taste. Don’t look for it.

Comment by Bob

Oh, and no, it’s not really that great of a product to get tattooed on your body.

Comment by Bob

YOOHOO is awesome.. I grew up on that stuff

Comment by redsamurai

My husband loves the stuff. It tastes like chocolate water to me.

Comment by e.

yoo-hoo sucks, but is very popular with kids. There is no dairy product in it, just water and some chocolate flavor

Comment by johnny

chocolate soldier is better

Comment by Dustin

Is that the same girl that has the “nom pit” tattoo?

Comment by Me!!!

Fraid not.

Comment by loltatz

yoohoo is f’n awesome, and I think it does have some dairy in it (some powdered milk bs). I’d drink it over ovaltine any day!

Comment by mixed feelings

YooHoo is gross…she, however, is not

Comment by XbXsX

hey! Is that Rhonda the Tshirt diva at Bang-on in Atlanta?

Comment by Jennifer

I have just fallen in love for the first time.

Comment by Marvin

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