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24/08/2009, 1:25 pm
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Dick. Suckin. Lips. - Click link below.

Dick. Suckin. Lips. - Click link below.

Sopranos – DSL’s

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Okay, so, that looks like Aria Giovanni kinda(with jaundice for some reason), which I understand getting a tattoo of her on your body. BUT, sucking a cock?? Unless it’s your cock she’s sucking, I don’t see the sense in it, and is that blood on her cheek and on the cock?? Is dude cumming blood?? Or, did she bite it?? I’m so lost on this one.

Comment by Bob

Oh God that is disgusting.

Comment by Ruby

Did it ejaculate blood on her cheek?

Comment by John Prime

that bitch looks stoned. and she’s not giving it nearly enough tongue.

Comment by mixed feelings

Seems like it is from the zombie movie ‘Dead Girl’. The girl in it has those jaundiced eyes and is all messed up (but pretty, in a dead way) and blows a jock dude. I’ll let you guess what happens to his junk…yeah I think you got it.

Comment by Lisa

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