Seizure induced tattoo
22/08/2009, 12:56 am
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gruekgjvbnjlvblvbejlrbvlaevblaerbnvljrbeajbvn + Tattoo gun = *See above*

gruekgjvbnjlvblvbejlrbvlaevblaerbnvljrbeajbvn + Tattoo gun = *See above*

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this is awesome,
its probably the work of yann black, his stuff is completely out there

Comment by graeme

um. no. sharpie? totally looks like sharpie.

Comment by mixed feelings

yea def looks like some one went at the persons back with a sharpie you very right, at the top right of the back it even looks like the ink was dieing, wow its just out there.

Comment by tinman

Ohh I see now, this is a pimple tattoo

Comment by Liquid Rob

Then she needs to go back for a touch-up to add that new zit to the pattern.

Comment by Beppy

I have epilepsy and I want this.

Comment by Beppy

Beautiful, but doesn’t really look like tattoo…

Comment by MMM

haha, it´s a real tattoo. it´s mine. and it´s not the work of yann.

Comment by frl. krautwurst

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