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15/08/2009, 2:38 pm
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The best type.

The best type.

Unrelated, but a fine After Grog Blog

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Is this a realative of Mr. Hanky?

Comment by DumDum

its mr stanky

Comment by Mitchell

thats one mean lookin shit

Comment by redsamurai

hahaha this is my bf.. he loves it… and its artwork cuz its signed =)

Comment by nicole

You will look back on this when u are old and wrinkled, and think to yourself why the fuck did I get this on my leg or on the other hand you could be wondering why it does’nt turn white after so long!!

Comment by Kez

he is goingto be old and wrinkly and say, no matter how much toilet paper i use, this shit aint never gonna come off!
int hat case, he is thinking that now!!!

Comment by Ems

Oh Terry, you amuse me so!

Comment by Kate

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