12/08/2009, 1:31 pm
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Spotted. He really is airing that piece out. BALLS!

Spotted. He really is airing that piece out. BALLS!

An offensive LOL

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Dude has balls, you got to give him that.

Comment by Bob

not for long, some one will cut em off soon 😛 ha

Comment by dc

why so srs? I think it’s lolarious! ftw 🙂

Comment by mixed feelings

He definitely has some balls to show off a tatt that is in the shape of a Nazi symbol- but lets not forget that there is a VERY similar symbol from the Tibet Buddhism of good luck. Even with that being said- the Nazi symbol is the most popular- and the dude DOES have some balls to rock it on his chest without a shirt. I probably would have blasted him- either verbally or physically first then asked questions later. [Without a close look at the tatt- hopefully- depending on how drunk I would be at the time-lol]

Comment by Wicked Bitch

I wonder where this is.. lol

Comment by redsamurai

that was in orange county at a rave

he lives in so cal, in an area where whites are the minority.

Comment by joemamma

my friend and i

Comment by legos

Comment by legos

So.. It made it on here, too? Well, Here’s another picture to add to your collection. And no, my ass has not been beaten yet.

Comment by Tattoo Guy

Comment by Tattoo Guy

❤ tattoo guy ❤ i find the tat hilarious as fuck and im not offended at all (no, i am not white)

Comment by Pandora

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