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09/08/2009, 4:26 am
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A bunch of SWEET cartoon memories here

A bunch of SWEET cartoon memories here

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love it.
would love to see it coloured.

Comment by dc

I plan on getting it colored as soon as I get the money. That took 5 1/2 hours I can only imagine how long it would take to color

Comment by papabear

sweet. well make sure it gets up here when you do. much love for your artist.

Comment by dc

Eek the cat?!?! You’re like my hero or something.

Comment by Bob

gosh! that is so freakin’ great. what perfect art. amazing. hats off to your tattooist!

Comment by chris

I was just going to say, I hope that this guy does not get these colored in. Leave it just how it is. Looks good.

Comment by johnny

i’m sure it’s gonna be so beautiful when finished. great job!

Comment by Ana

oh memories… but, where’s Patty Mayonnaise?!

Comment by mixed feelings

this what happened to patty mayonaise…

Comment by Jack

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA That shit is funny as hell.

Comment by Bob

Well I’m glad you guys liked it thanks for the comments

Comment by papabear

Wonderful! Non-violent, non-gothic tattoos. I got a full sleeve of Calvin and Hobbs (14 tats) and I’ve had all kinds of people look at it, smile, ask to see the whole thing. Kids at my grandkids school all took pics on their cell phones. I absolutely love cartoon characters.

Comment by Cecil

Oh my God, you got Petunia from Pete and Pete!

You are my hero.

Comment by Jess

OMG! I loved Pete and Pete.

Do you have update pictures yet?

Comment by Jen

Dude this is the best

Comment by lexievd

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