An Offensive LOL
27/07/2009, 10:13 pm
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It's official. LOLTATZ has peaked.

It's official. LOLTATZ has peaked.

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I wonder if he’ll be LOLing when folks are beating his scrawny ass!!

Comment by ThingOnTheWing

zig lololol

Comment by mixed feelings

recon he got the swastica, got beaten up heaps, then tried to change it?

Comment by dc

Yeah thats what I reckon.

Comment by loltatz

lolacaust supporter?

Comment by Morgan

AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It’s no laughing matter i’m sure of it, but that, IS fucking funny.

Comment by loltatz

Actually, I think he got this one in one fell swoop. The ink color and pinkness of his skin is uniform. Wow.

Comment by Erin

Today in “Things You Wish Were Photoshopped…”

Comment by TeratoMarty

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haha, hes a friend of mine, and has yet to get his ass beat if anything he gets compliments on it

Comment by legos

Thats only because he’s a fluffer for the right wing malitia.

Comment by Neil

Dizzle hasnt gotten his ass beat yet. It’s been 5 weeks. No one really cares. He lives in the ghetto in san diego too…. mostly blacks and arabs.

Comment by Psilo

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