Fuck My Life
25/07/2009, 11:29 am
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Seriously: Fuck his life.

Seriously: Fuck his life.



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with people like this in the world 10% unemployment doesnt feel so bad.

Comment by B$

so true B$

Comment by tinman

This blog is like a gallery of self-loathing.

Comment by marlo

This dude’s life has to be in the shitter, because I’m worried about not being able to to get a job if I get full sleeves to my wrists. He is either very rich, or just doesn’t care if he’s poor.

Comment by Bob

he’s probably a tattoo artist…

Comment by mixed feelings

…or a chessmaster

Comment by reptilard

anyone for chess?

Comment by sonke

Actually this guy was born with a birth defect that will most likely kill him before he turns 30. The defect caused one side of his muscles to not form properly, leaving one side of his body to always be smaller then the other. He also has to go through constant psychical therapy. He got this tattoo to symbolize he is not symmetrical like a checker board. It is his own way of dealing with his condition, and I personally admire it.

Comment by kerri

Hmmm, thats kinda sad. But a weird way of communicating his point.

Comment by loltatz


Comment by azzgrabbinh0ez

So he is a disabled idiot. Having a disability does not give people a pass from ridicule for stupid behavioral choices.

Comment by Liquid Rob

….and he tattooed something as symmetrical as a checkerboard to show to the world he is…not symmetrical?

Comment by Liquid Rob

No one is symmetrical. i learnt that in my 1st life drawing class in high school.

Comment by imjaychapman

regardless, having a disease is no reason to have a shit tattoo, which isnt even symmetrical itself. And if he really wanted to represent his imperfection, why not get something more symbolic, or more symmetrical, like a fuckin butterfly or some shit. That or get the checkerboard somewhere else, and done by a better artist.

Comment by Maggie

I wish I had the sack this guy does. wasn’t he in jim rose’s a few years ago?

Comment by anony coward

He recently moved to Portland, OR. He moved here before he got the face/head tat because he thought this would be the only city where he’d be accepted. There’s a ton of freaks here, pretty great.

Comment by Matt

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