We got a squirter!
14/07/2009, 11:20 am
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Fisher Price: My First Period Tattoo?

Fisher Price: My First Period Tattoo?

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That’s a Mari-chan tattoo!

Comment by Emily

Yay! You spelled menstruation wrong

Comment by dijital101

How do you figure it’s spelled wrong?? I’m only asking because you spelled it the same way. And seeing as how that is the correct way to spell it, I’m just really, really confused by what you’re saying.

Comment by Bob

It’s misspelled in the wee tag above the photo. The U is missing.

Comment by Lolly

Wow! It’s good to see the spelling police is on board 24/7.

Comment by loltatz

Ahhhh, that’s one hell of a catch Lolly. The one place I didn’t look. Now if you don’t mind, I have a foot to take out of my mouth.

Comment by Bob

AND it has sparkles??? I think that just earned the people on both sides of the needle a hot date with the electric chair…..

Comment by Cat

That’s just some bad Junko Mizuno art isn’t it?

Comment by ZeroV9

omg no, why!?!? That makes me want to sew my vagina shut. srsly.

Comment by mixed feelings

I’m not a woman, so I guess I wouldn’t know for sure, but that does indeed sound painful.

Comment by djspleen

[…] convince Hewlett-Packard to donate $72,000 worth of computer equipment to her school. • Is this tattoo of a girl’s first period awesome or gross? And why does she have ghosts coming out of her hands? • A graphic novel of […]

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fuck you, spammer.


reminds me of booberry crunch cereal

Comment by azzgrabbinh0ez

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