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06/07/2009, 8:38 am
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Mental for condiments.

Mental for condiments.

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If you love mustard so much, why didn’t you get a mustard bottle tattoo? *shrugs*

Comment by Mel

I think I’ll get one with a big dick, and underneath, “I ASKED for vagina”

Comment by Fig


Comment by kyle

Please shine some light on this. kthnx

Comment by loltatz

I am the owner of this tattoo. Like Kyle said this is from Good Burger, the line has cracked me up and cheered me up every time I hear it even on my shittiest of days so I decided to try and do work something around it for myself.

Comment by Paul Westcott

Haha! Awesome! I’m glad it finally got back to you.

Comment by loltatz

I feel as if I have been blessed. *tear*

Comment by Paul Westcott

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