Scott Campbell – Not a LOL
03/07/2009, 3:07 am
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There’s BAD Tattoo artists (see most of LOLTATZ’ posts) Then there is AMAZING Tattoo Artists – Scott Campbell

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I’d call him good, not amazing. I’d call James Tex amazing:

Comment by Tattedup

He is pretty amazing, I only chose ones that were interesting/well renown. Tex is definitely dope.

Comment by loltatz

the gypsy one is beautiful, the rest are good but I wouldn’t say amazing. The skullterfly is a nice design but very unsymmetrical. It looks like he rushed through the entire right side of it.

marc jacobs has a retarded belly button.

Comment by mixed feelings

Zach Nelligan is awesome.

Comment by rainbowsrad

Yes. He is.

Comment by loltatz

Josh Lord is my fave. I feel fortunate to have work by him.

Comment by Caryn

what’s that wing/ribbon/tree thing? don’t get it

Comment by hmmm

Some look good visually, but just wear a t shirt with that on it if u wanna show off to people, you’d get over it in a month.

i’ve NEVER seen a good tattoo, they don’t exist.

Comment by Tater

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