Roll the dice
27/06/2009, 6:25 am
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I don’t understand A) what part of the body this is, or B) what the hell that tattoo is supposed to be.

Comment by Batgirl

A) I’m guessing gut, and B) Your guess is as good as mine, Google has nothing to offer.

Comment by Wombatish

I got it…

The last three letter are “uck.” The beginning letters are “S”, “L”, and “F”. If you add the each be beginning letter to the last three you get… “Suck”, “Luck”, and “Fuck.” Really clever.

Comment by NeonSnake

I’m thinking the circle on the left is some type of wheel of fortune thing, and when spun, it will spell Luck, Suck or Fuck.

Comment by tattedup

Luck-Suck-or Fuck. But that little curly thing looks like a “Y” which makes it look like Lucky-Sucky-or Fucky

Comment by johnny

That little curly thing is mirrored on the other side, so it would not be a Y, unless their is a Y before the S, L, and F

Comment by Nikki


Comment by Kristi♥Maristi

well I’m glad we’ve established the “What does it mean” (repeatedly) but what about the “What part of the body” ?! It’s obviously something small and pubic judging by the hair…

Comment by slf fan

I’d go for the belly body part.. maybe..

Comment by Natasha

I agree. The belly button is just below the fold.

That has to be the worst tattooed dice I’ve ever seen.

Comment by tattedup

that can’t be a belly… look at the size of the pores and the hair, it’s got to be a small body part..

Comment by slf fan

It is called the “Mons pubis” the towel is tucked in the front of her panties

Comment by Stryke

No Sir, that is not a ‘Her’. Very much a manly fat man.

Comment by loltatz

‘She’ it is not… but if there’s a fatty man ‘mons pubis’ then maybe that’s what that is… the doopy fat between the gut and the wee wee.

Comment by slf fan

sl as in second life?

Comment by lol


Comment by chuck

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