Start ’em young
22/06/2009, 3:20 am
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Disclaimer: For all of you crying "FAKE!", save your breath.

Disclaimer: For all of you crying "FAKE!", save your breath.

See above disclaimer.

See above disclaimer.

via Ohyun Kwon

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So I looked at the link underneith, there were just pictures- you sure that’s real? Mel x

Comment by Mel Roberts

Its definitely not real. x

Comment by loltatz

I thought so, looks like something for his art? I dunno, but I wouldn’t have been surprised, I get some stance news sent to me sometimes, that wouldn’t have been the first, I’m afraid. Either way though, it’s a cool pic, haha x

Comment by Mel Roberts

You sure about that? Somebody’s definately gonna win parent of the year award when granny finds out…

Comment by HxCereal

The disclaimer meaning: Not real. photoshopped. no parent in their right mind would ever allow this. people freaked last year when a dude inked a 7 year old in Cali as a gang member, im sure it happens, but no. Never this.

Comment by loltatz

It’s real… but it’s a henna tattoo ffs.

Comment by Satsumomo

Henna tattoos aren’t real tattoos. Real tattoos don’t wash off.

Comment by Bob

Satsumomo means that it’s real in that the tats are actually on the kid’s body, not photoshopped.

They’re real but they’re not permanent.

Comment by Cibernetico 2

It’s not real, look at the tats, they are different. Pikachu is in one and spiderman is in the other. Man not the brightest people on here…..

Comment by imb220

They’re two different kids, if you hadn’t noticed!

Comment by Miglet

Yeah, those are two different boys.

Comment by Rae

Not a real……..its a fucking henna!

Comment by Ricardinho

Good job genius. See the disclaimer AND the last 4720570572 comments. Your commentary was not needed here.

Comment by loltatz

Looks like henna to me.

Comment by Neil

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