Go for bust
19/06/2009, 3:34 am
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Busting at the seams

Busting at the seams

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It would be really hot if she had the back corset piercings too.

Comment by Bob

The tattoo would still be fail, just as fail as it is on the back.

(Hint: If it’s popular with strippers, it’s probably fail)

Corset piercings can be interesting, but they’re meant to be temporary (unless someone is stupid and likes big gaping rips in their skin), and they just don’t work as tattoos, except maybe in very rare cases (same thing with the f hole tattoos that are so popular).

Comment by Wombatish

When I see something like this, all I can think of is how it will look in 30 years or so when it’s all stretched out.

Comment by TeratoMarty

i actually know her
shes from austrailia
shes mad cute

Comment by DOOM

I have seen her around too. She is mad fat.

Comment by Boxfalcon

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