3 stars? I heard 56!
17/06/2009, 2:00 am
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D-Listed – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Dumbass

Geekologie – UPDATE: 56 Star Faced Girl A Dirty Liar

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What a waste of skin. Hope she gets far less than 15 minutes in the spotlight.

Comment by Misskay

After reading her story on Dlisted, I think she is a dumb ass… Having tattoos myself, I know that shit hurts, and falling asleep is not a good enough excuse, I don’t see how the tattoo artist could have “been mistaken” and her just not notice until it was done, she would have noticed eventually if she had asked for only three stars….

This chick is part of the reason people don’t like tattoo artists, and if I can tell her anything, it would be to learn how to draw a fucking star and just draw it on before the tattoo artist begins so their is not confusion…..

Comment by Jenn

My mum thinks it’s pretty!!

Comment by Alex

I can get behind the face tattoo thing, in fact, if I didn’t have to work, I would totally get a face tattoo. I’m even willing to say that this star face is going to look pretty cool all healed up. BUT…I think it’s insulting that she expects people to believe that she fell asleep, or that the problem was a language barrier. I mean how hard is it to draw a star, and hold up three fingers and then point to the spot on your face that you want them?? Or, if the dude doesn’t speak your language, maybe go to a tattoo artist that does.

Comment by Bob

My guess is she didn’t “fall asleep,” she was “nodding off.”

Comment by e.

It’s Fake BTW !!!

Comment by Syd

Prove it.

Comment by loltatz

online since April…

This is the website behind it look at the logo :p just a mediastunt

Comment by Syd

Well well well, media stunt achieved.

Comment by loltatz

The girl and the MNM-radiostation are still denying it though….

She’s a guest in some kind of popular belgium radioprogram today so maybe she reveals it is fake…..or real.

But damn…this can’t be real..can it?

Comment by Syd

This is totally real. NO TATTOO ARTIST would just tattoo 56 starts on a young girls face without explicit understanding. As a tattoo artist myself, I have to say that this girl is the reason why no one wants to trst a tattoo artist

Comment by Witera33it

I’m surprised there was no follow up on this. The idiot finally came out and said that she asked for all of the stars, but lied because her father was “furious”. REALLY?!?!? I’m surprised at that, your dad was pissed that you got 57 stars tattooed on your face?? Weird.

Comment by Bob

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