Instructions not included?
08/06/2009, 3:23 am
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If its not fixed, don't break it.

If its not fixed, don't break it.

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It’s the second time you make this mistake dude, it’s instruction with a f*cking S between the n and the t.

Comment by reptilard

Ok. I’m legally retarded. Happy?

Comment by loltatz

I wish these grammar and spelling police would fuck off and get a life.

Comment by Neil

Good to know the trusty spell checker patrol has been here.

Comment by the huge

The problem is that WordPress doesn’t have spell check in the captions. Lets just say 94% of the I do posts I’m either: a). Tired or b). Drunk and sometimes c). Both.

Comment by loltatz

I hate to break it to you,* reptilard, but you don’t get to be f-bomb-worthy peeved about a minor spelling error until your own grammar skills have been honed a bit more.

* Okay, no I don’t hate it.

Comment by Cat

I don’t know why “fixies suck” is a tag given that this is an assembly diagram for a front hub. ALL bike have front hubs.

Comment by Sigh

a loltat?… this one is fuckin’ awesome – I guess you aren’t a cyclist?

Comment by aspirin

I ride BMX. Not really a LOL, but interesting nonetheless.

Comment by loltatz

no, its fairly lol, why would you want a exploded view of a front bike hub? thats literally the last thing i would think of getting tattooed

Comment by will bull

Somebody get this guy a pack of razors and a few pounds of shaving cream. Disgusting.

Comment by Brittany

This guy is from the future, and this tattoo is the only way he could get the schematics for his perpetual energy machine through the portal which only allows people through nothing else, which would also explain why he is in a towel. So give him a little time, soon we will all be off the grid because of this Time Traveling hero. =D

That is the only logical explanation I could think of for this very interesting tattoo… =D

Comment by Jenn

but quick release wheels just get stolen?!

Comment by jen

Prison Break has a lot to answer for.

Comment by Neil

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