You. Are.
24/05/2009, 11:37 pm
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There's just no excuse.

There's just no excuse.

Just to make sure 'you're' clear on this.

Just to make sure 'you're' clear on this.

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wait.. What?!?

Comment by Joy

I don’t understand the problem. Everything looks correct to me.

Comment by Huh?

you’re |yoŏr; yôr|
contraction of
you are : you’re an angel, Deb!

Spelling. Its called the English language. You may have heard of it.

Comment by loltatz

Isn’t there also meant to be a ‘when’ in there too?

People are DUMB.

Comment by Ness

I just realised it’s on her CHEST! ZIF.

Comment by Ness

HAHA I didn’t realize that until I read your comment.

Comment by highlow88

People who don’t know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ should be euthanised. Morons!

Comment by Jam Sandwich

Hmmmm… dunno about that logic. Thats a bit extreme.

Comment by loltatz

Ok. Maybe it was a bit harsh.
How about parading them up and down a busy shopping centre mall with:

your stupid tomatoe’s

on a sandwichboard instead?

Comment by Jam Sandwich

I can’t even tell what this is supposed to be. Let all red signify that roses bloom you’re around, Let all red roses bloom signify that you’re around? Neither one makes much sense to me. Let all red rose blooms signify that you’re around makes more sense but still.. wow epic failure. (possibly on my part for not getting it..)

Comment by Dancia

Loltatz, I have indeed heard of the English language.
The problem is that I’m reading it as “Let all red signify that roses bloom your ground.” Because even if the contraction was written in, that wouldn’t make much sense… “Let all red signify that roses boom you’re around”? Hmm.

Comment by Huh? again

So it wasn’t you that said: “I don’t understand the problem. Everything looks correct to me.” …Hmmm?

Comment by loltatz

I don’t understand the significance of knowing that, but yea.. that was me. I still don’t see anything wrong with it if it’s read the way I mentioned.

Comment by Huh? again

they can always add the apostrophe… or cover the lot in black.. ha!

Comment by sonke

Another Horrible Tattoo…of Horrible Lyrics from a Horrible Band…misspelled…

Signs of Betrayal…a local Rock band from Scottsdale, Arizona
Suffering So Proud

Let all the red roses bloom
To signify that you’re around
I know I could not say goodbye
So I’ll still keep you close inside

It’s kind of like
A part of me
Bruised that day you had to leave

I know you’re some place better now
Instead of suffering so proud
I will remember times we spent
And things I’ve learned from what you said

You are gone and I can’t bring you back
But all I want is one more day with you
I want to let you know how much you meant
Even though it’s way too late for that

And what a difference you had made
And people’s lives you changes so many ways
You were always stronger than I was
This battle was a fight that you could not have won

I’ll move on just knowing
I’ll see you when my time comes
And I’ll pray that you’re watching
And giving me the strength now that you’re gone
Now that you’re gone
I’ll carry you with me
The beautiful memories

Comment by TheRick1041

I figured it was supposed to be “let all red signify that roses bloom year round” and that it was misheard and then misspelled.

Comment by Witera33it

or “misremembered” 😉


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