Stink pit pt.II
20/05/2009, 11:01 am
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WOW... Just... WOW!

WOW... Just... WOW!

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Wow.. that is one big vagina.

Comment by Dancia

Id love to know the thought process behind this tattoo, I just cant picture a situation in which I would say to myself “Yeah I think il get a giant fanny tattoo….on the inside of my arm… genius” .. its a pretty fanny though so its not all bad i guess. just …kinda random

Comment by Puppet

Ewwww… you used the word, “Fanny”… Gross.

Comment by loltatz

i thought “fanny” was ass.

Comment by kat

Not over here lol its more of a comedy word for vagina … or a first name depending on how unlucky you are

Comment by Puppet

This is taken from a Daniel Tosh joke about having a pussy under his arm as an Extreme makeover. Still a creative touch.

Comment by Jen

Normally the vagina is a beautiful thing. This one, however, is not.

Comment by Cibernetico 2

their armpit looks like shit.

Comment by dumbass

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