Bad Rap Tat
That's what happen man, go to sleep at parties and you get a bad rap tat.

That's what happen man, go to sleep at parties and you get a bad rap tat.

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what exactly is eating her tail?

God, this is horrible.

Comment by marlo

What in the Hell is with all that bruising? She looks like her boyfriend was trying to force a miscarriage.

Comment by TeratoMarty

HAHAHA. I was there when this happened. She was extremely intoxicated with the muffin. Not passed out at all. The mermaid, unfortunately, she was SOBER for.

Easy-E is the name of a friend.
MOB: Money Over Bitches
McNasty is the nickname of the tattoo “artist”.
And she is 16 LMFAO. FAIL FAIL FAIL.

Conclusion: SHE A DUM HO3>@()@)!

Comment by LOLWTFOMG

So then, what’s the deal with the cupcake thing next to where it says “easy-e” and “MOB”??

Comment by Bob

it’s a MUFFIN. located on the muffintop. a bit of underlying humor there.

Comment by ^^^

ROFL WTF AHHAHAAHHA damn she’s nasty

Comment by POOP FACE

HAHAAHHAHA I know this girl
She was so proud of this too
f a i l

Comment by noon

hahahahahha . and to know she was actually proud of this…

Comment by blahblahhh

i know this dumb cunt. she is fucking disgusting. she recently got the “mermaid” colored nobody knows what the fuck is consuming the bottom of the tail. FUCKIN FAIL.

Comment by girl

Taylor “Satan” Wingate is a dumb ass bitch.

Comment by lololol

the boobies on the mermaid look like the boobies on her body

Comment by azzgrabbinh0ez

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