Would you like FAIL with that?
05/05/2009, 11:42 am
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Pretty sure he won't be working in Law.

Pretty sure he won't be working in Law.

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super funny but not super funny after you realize its fake, hat was a nice touch though.

Comment by humbletron

Nah man, this guy is so far from fake. He was on a DVD called Modified, he did a complete tranfromation. It’s messed up.

Comment by loltatz

The head looks like it’s been photoshopped onto that body.

Comment by Tatted

This is true. But its still funny.

Comment by loltatz

I’m not saying he ain’t tattooed. I’m saying that’s not his body nor his hat.

Comment by Tatted

This guy’s an honest to god professor at an honest to god university:

Sorry for commenting on the archives!

Comment by Wombatish

Not at all… Awesome. What does he teach?

Comment by loltatz

That’s not the same guy…

Comment by arhjay

He was a professor then he retired and got all the tattoo’s and the picture is definitely photoshopped, that’s his actual head, but that’s not his body at all. And I think he lives in Texas, but I’m not 100% sure, I saw him on TV.

Comment by arhjay

I just realized after making this comment, that whomever’s head that is, isn’t that professor, but there really is a professor that has entire head tattooed like Wombatish said.

Comment by arhjay

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