Inconceivable amounts of pain
04/05/2009, 8:43 am
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Ummm... It breathe's fire? I think thats called Gonorrhea?

Ummm... If it breathes fire, I think that's Gonorrhea?

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notice the chicken feet. It’s not a dragon, it’s a cock-atrice

Comment by anon

It’s that one pokey-mon. Penisaur.

Comment by jeff

Fire down below! Seriously, I’d have to laugh if a guy got naked looking like this near me! 😉

Comment by Svasti

Its actually Puff the Magic Dragon.

Comment by Blake

this would be a serious loltat if you had a picture of him without a boner.

Comment by yes

good luck ever getting laid, buddy

Comment by katie

Are you serious he would have so many pick up lines….

Comment by sinnamonbruns

I would laugh, and then totally sleep with that guy. He has to have some serious balls to be able to withstand the pain of having tattooed genitalia… And he does have serious balls- dragon balls.
That’s fucking hot IMO.

Comment by Onecount

Ha! Can’t resist: DRAGONBALL Z!!

Comment by Jam Sandwich

He must be trying to distract any unlucky partner from it’s puny size…

Comment by FunkyFresh

Gee, hope he keeps up with the waxing.

Comment by outsidein

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