Dude! Where’s your sensibility?
No more, and then!

No more, and then!

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and then?

Comment by akgirl

..this will be one stupid tat when there is no longer a baby on board. D:

Comment by Obsydian

And you are SO not supposed to get tattooed when you’re pregnant!!

Comment by TMD

Maybe she just plans on being fat forever.

Comment by johnprime

or maybe she ate one.

Comment by johnprime

Maybe its octo-mom’s tattoo, that would make so much sense. Bitch be pregnant all the fucking time!!!

Comment by Puppet

The tattoo isn’t on a pregnant woman, it’s a man with a large beer belly. This tattoo has been around the internets a dozen times.

Comment by Nihilistic_Anomie

LOL @ Your Gullible ass. Your telling me that, smooth and clearly womanly belly is a mans? What, he waxes his stomach? He also wears maternal pants? Riiiiiight.

Comment by loltatz

that is absolutely a woman’s belly. if you look closely, you can see stretch marks on the hips, which is a common place for stretch marks to occur during pregnancy. you can also see the linea nigra radiating from the belly button. linea nigra is an unexplained phenomenon that frequently occurs in pregnant women. a dark line appears in the “happy trail” and goes all the way from the pubic line to above the belly button.

this is absolutely and without doubt or question a pregnant woman.

Comment by your mom

that is not unexplained.. its because of hormones.

Comment by meh

That is one lucky kid!

Comment by Lisa

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