‘G’ is for FAIL
24/04/2009, 9:14 am
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Worst text I think i've ever seen.

Worst text I think i've ever seen.

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That’s nice, it’s from Berkely Breathed’s story about a penguin – am I the only one who remembers Bloom County?

Comment by Alex

Nah, I thought the same thing. I love Opus! That story is amazing!

…still, if he’s trying to be a hardass, having a tattoo of the title of a book about a penguin who desperately wants Santa to bring him wings is probably not the best idea.

Comment by oddsocks

pretty sure this kid listens to Poison the Well.
either that or he’s a really big fan of Opus N’ Bill.
i’d like to think it’s the latter.

Comment by sheeep.

what does G have to do with anything. “wings” has a g in it but that’s it. “‘G’ IS FOR FAIL” is for FAIL.

Comment by jeff

Do you really NOT get it? Attention to detail FAIL. U’r it!

Comment by loltatz

OH WOW. Good luck fixing fixing that, straight O”G”.

Comment by BMXgirl

…whats wrong?

Comment by bobvila

What makes thi seven worse is that the tat is for a childrens book by the same name. (By Berke Breathed) It is about a penguin. You gotta be a special kinda ghei to get this in a tat.

Comment by Elwood Moose


Comment by girlbreaksface

Guess I don’t get it either 😐

Comment by Masquerade

Ok so… How do you not get it?
Firstly the font type/handwriting is truely 5th grade material.
Second of all, the ‘G’ goes OFF the paper scroll and dips below it.

Get it? It’s just not the kinda thing you want on your chest. Am I crazy? No.

Comment by loltatz

Perhaps I’m just not as critical. I don’t find this one particularly funny, except for perhaps the content of the tattoo itself.

Comment by Masquerade


Comment by loltatz

Best tattoo ever. The shading and attention to detail is phenomenal

Comment by theshyparty

How do people not get this? The “G” goes outside the ribbon into magic floaty land and the tattoo itself is BRUTALLY done. Also, why is it shiny and blue? Is the ribbon made of glass?

Comment by Sigh

Fuck! Thank you very much. Was starting to think people would actually get this tattoo unscathed.

Comment by loltatz

the ribbon/band is too narrow; the text looks like a 5 year old learning to use a pen; the colours and shading are so WRONG and any freak that got this on his chest certainly won’t be getting laid with me or any of my friends. SHAME on the tattooist and the idiot that got this

Comment by emma

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