17/04/2009, 5:00 am
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Ewww... I mean, What exactly is that?

Ewww... I mean, What exactly is that?

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I think it’s supposed to be something from Metroid, but I could be wrong. It might not even be a tattoo. It looks like some kind of infection.

Comment by 5m00

It’s a Metroid, duh.

Comment by Sean

It’s a Metroid from the Metroid videogame series, although the “art” is very poor.

I suggest you double check or get your facts straight before you post your stuff.

Comment by Colino

It’s a Metroid, dummy!

Comment by killerstencil

Can you say… Metroid?

Comment by Java

It’s a metroid:

Comment by gabber

That ain’t no crab. That’s a Metroid

Comment by CJLopez

it’s a metroid! duh

Comment by hiddencloud

it’s a damned metroid, you morons.

Comment by steven

Um, k, so it’s METROID, and it’s AWESOME.

Comment by Riordan C

That’s a mother fucking Metroid. A poorly drawn metroid, but still a metroid.

Comment by J

It’s a Metroid!! Not a very good one, but still… I got it right away.

Comment by pants

its a metroid they are like alien jelly fish´s, from the video game called “metroid”

Comment by mellx93

Wow. REALLY? its a Metroid? Shit, 13 people tell me its a metroid, who’s not to think that its not a metroid? A METROID PEOPLE! A METROID… ok I get it.

Comment by loltatz

if anyone asks

it’s a metroid

Comment by fanan

That’s the problem when a dozen or so comments are left in moderation for several hours. No one knows who has already said what.

Comment by pants

This is true. My apologies.

Comment by loltatz

It’s not a metroid, turn your head left and you discover a blue chicken head with big veins. o//

Comment by Firm1


Comment by willa

Has anyone suggested it’s a Metroid yet? Maybe they should!

Comment by Mr Tom

I dont believe they have?

Ps. whats a metroid?

Comment by loltatz

felt tip surely

Comment by Ian

Who cares if it’s a metroid. It’s ugly as sin. And anybody who isn’t a nerd is going to say “WTF? Is that a crab?”

Comment by Stinky McPoo

HAHA! exactly.

Comment by loltatz

I guess it’s a metroid. It’s bad. B-A-D bad.

WTF is a metroid anyway?

Comment by Jam Sandwich

It’s a crab.

Comment by arhjay

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