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FrankenFAIL NEEDS your brains for fear of lacking his/her own.

FrankenFAIL NEEDS your brains for fear of lacking his/her own.

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this is a great example of a fucktard not being able to tell the difference between someone having different ideals than themselves and a tattoo done with a pointed turd.

this tattoo is awesome, it was well executed, and wow, the owner would rather be a tattooed zombie than an assclown interweb conformist zombie.

Comment by kciR

Different ideals? Really? PLEASE explain this persons ideals to me, but first, explain the word “ideal” because you obviously don’t know what it means.

I don’t even think this is a real tattoo, but even if it is, just because it is well done doesn’t mean it does not belong on this site. Tattoos can be bad for 2 reason, they can be dumb ideas or they can be poorly done. Just because a tattoo is well executed doesn’t make it any less of a horrible idea.

“the owner would rather be a tattooed zombie than an assclown interweb conformist zombie.” Really? This person has clearly taken a photo of their tattoo and uploaded it to the internet for others approval. Not only is this KID not an individual, they are such a conformist trying so desperately to fit into a SUBculture that they made a decision that is almost guaranteed to ruin their life.

Don’t try and pass this off as a “statement” or “different lifestyle.” This is a horrible tattoo done by someone too young to know any better.

Comment by Sigh

That all being said, this is irrelevant and this picture doesn’t belong here because that is makeup not a tattoo.

Comment by Sigh

That’s gonna look funny in the retirement home… 😀

Comment by Keff

haha! you said it man! Fuck sake.. the finished project will be kick ass!

Comment by AndiBuck89

YA!!! I wanna be a zombie today!!
I’m 18, I don’t care about anything!!! Fuck you and the real world!

Comment by San

What a fucking tool. In two years when he realizes that he made a huge fucking mistake getting a retarded looking tat on his fucking FACE he’s gonna hate himself for the rest of his life. What a retard.

Comment by Damnagorast

i’m with kcir on this. you guys don’t understand the meaning behind this tattoo. you just make assumptions about the person without getting the whole story. it might not be something you would do, but we are all free to make our own choices, and he’s choosing to follow through on a decision he’s made. this tattoo is well done, and although you may not like it, that fact is undeniable.

Comment by dakota v

As far as tattoos go, this one was indeed extremely well done. The lines are crisp and straight and the shadowing indeed gives a suburb 3D effect. So as far as a tattoo goes, this one is great.

Placement however is the topic that often strikes a nerve in people. Will he regret it in a few years? Chances are… It’s a choice, be it good or bad that you have to live with. Most high end tattoo artists will not recommend any tattoos being placed on the neck or face unless you’re already heavily tattooed and they know for sure that you can live with your decision.

Regardless, kudos on the skilled tattoo.. A+ work.. But me personally, I won’t be doing it any time soon.. 😉

Comment by DarkWolf

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I think it looks great. I have a full back piece, two full sleeves, but no fuckin’ way would I do that to my face. I realise there is commitment with any tattoo, but you’ve got to be totally dumb to do such a thing at such a young age. Your whole life changes in your first couple of decades, and I defy anybody to tell me they KNOW what they want for the rest of their life when they are but a teenager, especially when it involves a monster face tattoo.

Comment by Fat bastard

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